A vast empty sky,

A rough, endless sea.

Two birds flying,


One offering support, companionship and hope to the other -

Perhaps for the short time, perhaps for the long journey.



WE are the Rossmoor Companions Club.


Our members are neighbors helping neighbors, residents supporting residents.



Each member operates an independent business with personal rates, policies, and practices.


Our services include driving, cooking, assistance after a hospital stay, personal care, and many other tasks, depending on the individual's skills.


Use this site to find prospective club members and services offered, mindful that not everyone will be available as some will already be engaged. This site only provides a rough sketch of the services offered so that you can setup interviews with prospective service providers.


The Rossmoor Companions Club provides this List as a courtesy to Residents. Information contained here-in was provided by each individual listed and is assumed to be accurate. However, the Club does not endorse or assume any liability for the capabilities listed or any services performed by these individuals.


Companions provide their services directly to their clients, thus any relationship(s) entered into by Club Companions is strictly between them and their clients. All Club members have provided proof to the Club that they are Rossmoor Resident Homeowners as a condition of Club membership.



                                    CURRENT PDF FILE OF CAREGIVERS